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Help me fund the research and development of human and planet safe sun protection

Sunlight payed a pivotal role in the evolution of life on Earth, when the first simple organic molecules harnessed the energy of the sun converting it into ever more complex chemical bonds.
Consequently all lifeforms dependent on UV radiation developed ways to protect themselves from the overexposure to UV.

This wavelength-specific defense is possible thanks to the peculiar chemical structure of molecules with benzene rings acting in harmony with the laws of quantum mechanics and electron excitation.

In simple words what this means is that when the UVA or UVB light hits certain molecules, it causes their electrons to change position, at the same time absorbing the UV energy, thus producing the sun protective effect.

Absorption is one of the three mechanisms of action that produces this sun protective result.

Plants synthesize molecules with a benzene ring using the inorganic materials, water and carbon dioxide, and are a very abundant and diverse source of these photoprotective chromophores.

Many dozens of studies show the photo-protective capacities of plant based oils and extracts, unfortunately an estimated 80% of the worlds sunscreen market is dominated by synthetic chemicals followed by mineral blockers.

Meanwhile, scientists all over the world have documented the negative impact man-made

sunscreen chemicals and recently zinc oxide have on marine life from fish to coral reefs.

Some studies also suggest that suncreens may in fact promote melanoma instead of protecting from this skin cancer.

Developing a sunscreen that is based on compounds naturally occurring in our land and marine environment and using products that have been in our diet for centuries is therefore of great importance and benefit to us and to our planet.

Over the past year, we have compiled and analyzed hundreds of studies of natural photoprotective compounds, to finally select 20 of the world’s most potent UV absorbers known to science, ranging from calculated SPF 20 to SPF 66!

Most importantly, we have selected compounds that have been in our diets for centuries, are widely regarded for their medicinal properties and have a great safety profile!

The goal of this campaign is to fund the development and production of all natural, human and planet safe effective UVA and UVB sun shield.

We are hoping to raise a minimum of €40,000 to be able to succeed at our baseline estimation to cover the cost of development of the formulations, in vitro testing and to produce the first batch of our cream.

Will you help?

Thank you!

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