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    The sunscreening properties of plants

    Do plant oils and extracts protect from UVA and UVB? To what extend? This article shares what spectral analyses studies reveal about plants based photoprotection. One of the most common questions asked regarding the oils I have tested in my home experiment, was whether they protect from UVA and UVB radiation. The short answer is yes and the full answer is this: “Successive increments in the number of absorbing molecules in the path of the beam of monochromatic radiation absorb equal fractions of the radiation power travel through them”

  • Natural Sun Protection,  Sunscreen

    The Home Experiment that went viral

    Last year marked the 3rd summer without me using commercial sunscreen. What I used instead were various blends of plant oils I have been mixing at home. That memorable week I received a delivery of oils by brands I have not tried before and curious how they would compare - and also worried about using them on my then 20 month old daughter - I decided to do a simple home experiment using tape and oils on my husband's totally untanned back.